Able: Name Change Announcement




Web Animation

Able, formerly Fashionable, is an apparel and accessories brand committed to empowering women around the world. Franc partnered with their team to create an animated announcement of the company’s name change and new initiative. This new initiative’s goal is to give consumers unparalleled transparency into Able’s manufacturing practices. This was the Able’s first use of animation and the style had to reflect the beautiful, minimal, and elegant persona of the brand. We created a character driven piece that flowed between consumers and workers, illustrating the connection they share.

Character Designs

The Able brand is simple, elegant and understated. In designing the characters we wanted to capture that same sense of effortless chic. The characters have very natural silhouettes but are slightly exaggerated and elongated, moving slowly and gracefully.


Multiple animation techniques were combined within the piece. At key moments, traditional cell animation is used to add a beautiful flowing motion to elements. At other times, 3D animation was used to allow for dynamic camera movements and smooth transitions that would be difficult to achieve with other techniques.