GBMC: Hospital Overview Series




Four Part Animated Series

GBMC Healthcare is a leading medical system throughout Baltimore County. Franc partnered with the marketing team to create a series of animations to give viewers a high-level understanding of all the nuanced ways GBMC cares for patients. The audience ranged from patients to donors and needed to be bold, easy to follow, and emotionally compelling. The Franc team designed a new visual approach that centers around a diverse cast of characters. A carefully controlled color palette focuses the viewer and highlights key elements. The animation utilizes a combination of 2D, cel, and 3D animation while using a consistent black outline approach for all visuals.

Cel Animation

Traditional cel animation was used strategically to add fluid motion when needed. At times portions of characters bodies, like arms, were animated with cel animation and composited with 2D animation to give them life and movement. All the flowing and background colored shapes were created with cel to give them a handcrafted and natural feel.