Franc is a design driven animation partner.


We want to be a strategic partner for the companies and agencies we serve, using animation to solve problems. This begins with understanding and designing around our clients’ goals, objectives, audiences and parameters. Our solutions can range from character driven stories, to illustrations of highly technical products. With the right planning and design, we can adjust, disassemble, reconfigure, and repurpose animations for use across various channels.



From initial ideation through final delivery, we act as a creative partner. Animated content is produced with an eye to both execution and strategy. It is important to the success of every project that it not only look amazing, but serve a clear strategic goal.

Mixed Media

While animation is our primary focus, there are times when the addition of live action elements are needed. Our ability to capture and integrate live action content enables us to serve the needs of organizations more completely.

360 Video

Immersive experiences are powerful tools when paired with the right approach. Combining 360° video with animated worlds allows organizations to communicate in a completely new way.


Whether the audience is two or two thousand, the message and delivery must engage and, above all, be memorable. Animation, as a central component, elevates presentations from ordinary to transformative.

Brand Graphics

Organizations have become media channels, and like any channel, consistent branded elements are needed. These reinforce the brand voice and aesthetic, while efficiently creating a unified look across content and vendors.

Flexible Solutions

The flexibility of animation can be used to design solutions for teams looking to create large amounts of high-end content quickly and efficiently. Libraries of custom animated elements are created and used to form complete videos within days or hours – rather than weeks.


Asher Warren
Asher Warren
Creative Director and Managing Partner

Asher is a highly experienced director and animator. His background in building creative teams has given him a deep appreciation for the need to develop close relationships between clients and creatives. He has directed content for some of the largest brands in the world including the likes of Under Armour, Amazon, Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Shire, Coca-Cola, Honest Tea, Covergirl, and Johns Hopkins.

Michael Chee-you
Michael Chee-you
Creative Director and Partner

Michael is the creative engine that powers Franc. Not only is he an incredible animator but his understanding of the latest technology and trends ensures that our clients’ work is always cutting edge. He has animated and directed content for Brides Magazine, T. Rowe Price, Under Armour, Hilton, MLB, PBS Kids, Nat Geo, Toyota, Ford, AT&T, NASA, and Puma.

Rachel Warren
Rachel Warren
Business Operations

Rachel keeps a close eye on both the big picture and the small details. Having previously managed her own catering company, she understands the importance of efficiency and organization. Her passion for clear communication and careful planning ensures that Franc is always running smoothly.