While healthcare organizations have unique marketing and communication needs, they also have a universal goal: creating content that resonates with their audience. We craft content that advances business objectives, is medically accurate, legally compliant, speaks to diverse populations, and conforms to accessibility standards.


We know that the importance of accuracy cannot be overstated in healthcare content. From scripting through final delivery, we work to ensure that both visuals and messaging are scientifically accurate. We are careful not to overstate benefits or use misleading language. Our process is designed to account for needed legal review and revisions.


We believe that accessibility is a human right. We strive to design content and provide the needed guidance to reach the broadest audience possible. We offer accessibility compliance with any legal and best practice guidelines. Our relationships with translators and regionalization experts enable us to create content that is appropriate and accessible for audiences all over the world.


We hold ourselves accountable to bring representation and diversity into the content we create. We are mindful of times when when we need to bring different voices to the table to amplify their perspectives and experiences, and to move beyond simply checking the box of representation. We desire to create content that comes from an authentic, thoughtful, and inclusive place.

Diversity And Accessibility Guidelines

Download the attached guidelines to see our best practices when approaching diversity and accessibility in our work.

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