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Franc Skuid project
  • Client Skuid
  • Delivery Explainer Animation
  • Filed Under 2D, 3D & Cel Animation

Skuid is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows organizations to rapidly create enterprise apps.

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About The Project

Skuid trusted Franc to create an out of the box video that gave customers an introduction to their platform designed specifically for Salesforce Lightning.

Franc Skuid panel
Engaging The Crowd

The video was meant for initial use at the 2018 Dreamforce conference and then for marketing use in a variety of venues. The concept needed to be fun, visually engaging, and easy to follow even in a loud and crowded event setting.

Combining 3D and 2D

The final animation utilizes 2D, 3D, and cel animation to create a piece that is fun and lighthearted while still closely aligned with the Skuid brand. Any 3D elements used were designed to seamlessly integrate into the 2D vector look of the other elements. The 3D portions allowed us to quickly create movement that would have taken significantly longer if done using 2D elements.


Cel Process Example 1


Cel Process Example 2