Franc philosophies No. 01

Transparency and trust
are the central components
of our work.

Franc Studio introduction
Franc philosophies No. 02

Impactful design requires
equal measures expertise
and intuition.

Franc Studio team
How we approach our work


We tap into your brand’s messaging, content, and campaigns to design thoughtful solutions to your challenges. The work we deliver solves problems, and simplifies our clients’ messaging.

See how our design forward approach developed a new visual language for eDriving.


We embrace and utilize all forms of animation — from traditional cel and stop motion, to photo-real 3D and motion graphics. We are able to execute every stage of a project in-house.

See how the combination of animation approaches brought Skuid to life.


We continuously explore and embrace new technologies and expanded applications for animation and design. Our goal is to apply the medium in exciting new ways to each and every project.

See how we innovated to visualize sound for SVS.

Franc philosophies No. 03

A strict design process
is the framework needed
to create solutions.

Franc in the studio
Franc is trusted by clients
across industries.
Franc AT&T
Franc HP
Franc Caterpillar
Franc Conde Nast
Franc P&G
Franc Skuid
Franc United Healthcare
Franc Walgreens
Franc Wired
Franc philosophies No. 04

Complex ideas and
data deserve to be
beautiful and engaging.

See our explorations

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