Whether engaging with patients, medical professionals, or potential investors; animation is a powerful tool to communicate complex and delicate information. We craft content that advances business objectives, is medically accurate, speaks to diverse populations, and conforms to accessibility standards.


We know that the importance of accuracy cannot be overstated in healthcare content. From scripting through final delivery, we work to ensure that both visuals and messaging are medically accurate. Our advisors help us to identify and mitigate inaccuracies before they slow production. Additionally, our process is designed to account for needed legal review and revisions.


We believe that accessibility is a human right. We strive to design content and provide the needed guidance to reach the broadest audience possible. We offer accessibility compliance with any legal and best practice guidelines. Our relationships with translators and regionalization experts enable us to create content that is appropriate and accessible for audiences all over the world.


We hold ourselves accountable to bring representation and diversity into the content we create. We are mindful of times when we need to bring different voices to the table to amplify their perspectives and experiences, and to move beyond simply checking the box of representation. We create content that is authentic, thoughtful, and inclusive.


Our advisory team is comprised of industry experts, collectively sharing their experience to enable accurate and impactful design. With access to this deep well of knowledge, clients can trust that the content we produce will meet their highest standards. These advisors help to identify and correct blind spots, while also looking to the future of the healthcare industry.

Dr. Mollie Warren, M.D.
Brigham & Women's Hospital
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Layo George, R.N., MHSA
Founder, CEO
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Dr. Nicholas Ellens, Ph. D.
Director - Acertara Acoustic Measurement Laboratory
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Ryan Wells
Founder, CEO
Health Here
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Diversity And Accessibility Whitepaper

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