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  • Client USAID, Ogilvy
  • Delivery Mixed Media Animation
  • Filed Under 2D Animation

USAID, in collaboration with Ogilvy, aimed to commemorate its 60th Anniversary with a video that would celebrate its history and impact. Ogilvy enlisted Franc to create a video that would blend historical imagery with motion graphics, creating a visually compelling and emotionally moving piece.


Franc worked closely with USAID and Ogilvy to gather historical imagery and footage that would showcase USAID’s significant milestones and achievements over the past 60 years. The team then used motion graphics to enhance the storytelling, adding depth, flow, and context to the historical content.

The resulting video was a powerful tribute to USAID’s legacy, highlighting its role in shaping global development. By blending historical imagery with modern motion graphics, the video captured the attention of viewers and effectively communicated USAID’s impact over the years.