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Illustration of a collection of items: camera, forensic collection bag, and pill botle
  • Client GBMC
  • Delivery Animated Video Series
  • Filed Under 2D & Cel Animation

At the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), providing compassionate care extends beyond medical treatment. When it came to addressing sensitive topics such as Sexual Assault Forensic Examination and Domestic Violence, GBMC turned to animation as a powerful communication tool. They collaborated with Franc to create a series of four videos, each serving a unique purpose.


The first two videos were orientation pieces, designed to welcome adults and children coming in for examinations. These animations provided clear, reassuring guidance, helping patients understand the process and feel more comfortable during a difficult time.

The remaining two videos focused on educating viewers about Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking. These animations were carefully crafted to deliver essential information while being mindful of the emotional impact on survivors. Animation proved to be an ideal medium for discussing these complex and often distressing subjects, offering a more gentle and less triggering approach.