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Franc Betamore
  • Client Betamore
  • Delivery Event Video & Presentation
  • Filed Under 3D Animation

Beta City is an annual event hosted by Betamore and Sagamore Ventures, that brings together entrepreneurs and innovators from across Baltimore.

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About The Project

Franc partnered with Betamore to create a looping 3D animation that could be displayed during the event to highlight sponsors and Baltimore statistics. In addition to the looping video, an animated presentation was created to be used during an awards ceremony.

The visual design of the two projects both contrast with and complement the other. Together the pieces revolve around a stylized miniature model of Baltimore city, with a complex network of machinery churning away below. For the looping event video, the elements are all designed in bright white. As the event moved into the awards portion, the Baltimore scene flips to reveal the mechanical workings underneath.

As this shift happens, the color switch from white to black. The dramatic shift in tone was meant to grab viewers' attention in a busy space and to add an element of theatricality to the awards ceremony.

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