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  • Client Monti Kids
  • Delivery Explainer Animation
  • Filed Under 2D Animation

Monti Kids, creators of the Miles & Stones platform designed to support infant development, wanted to introduce their innovative product to parents in a memorable way. They collaborated with Franc to create an introduction animation that would combine a bright, warm palette with motion graphics and live-action footage.


The bright, warm palette used in the animation helped create a welcoming and friendly tone, which was essential for a product aimed at parents and their babies. The motion graphics added a dynamic element to the animation, helping to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand format.

The resulting animation effectively introduced Miles & Stones to parents, highlighting its benefits and features in a visually compelling way. Monti Kids’ collaboration with Franc resulted in an animation that not only informed but also inspired parents to explore the possibilities of Miles & Stones for their child’s development.