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  • Client ELSCO
  • Delivery Explainer Animation
  • Filed Under 2D, 3D & Cel Animation

ELSCO, a leading manufacturer of Roller Guides for elevators, wanted to showcase the benefits of their innovative product in a visually compelling way. They partnered with Franc to create an explainer animation that would highlight the features of their Roller Guides.


Franc’s team took inspiration from architectural plans and renderings to create a unique visual style for the animation. The animation combined 2D animation with 3D elements designed to match the 2D style, creating a seamless and engaging viewing experience.

The animation effectively highlighted the benefits of ELSCO’s Roller Guides, showcasing their durability, efficiency, and ease of use. The architectural-inspired style not only made the animation visually appealing but also helped convey the precision and reliability of the Roller Guides.